Welcome to our new online store at Once Upon a Time by Amy!

Mom and I are beyond thrilled to be able to expand and offer our existing customers this service as well as introduce the store to new customers nationwide! The road to becoming a parent is an exciting, love-filled, nerve-wracking road full of twists and turns and it’s my goal with this blog to take new parents by the hand and help you on your journey to the greatest destination there is…providing the best for your child. As the mother of a ten and seven-year-old myself, I’m passionate about introducing other parents to the latest and greatest products on the market that not only will your child love—but hopefully will make your life a little easier along the way.

We will cover it all on this blog from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, booties to burp cloths, teething and the terrible twos, and transitions to the grade-school ages. Like my mom and I always joke in the store---we’ve attempted to solve all the world’s parenting problems in the store and we will continue to do it on the blog with humor and heart! And in keeping with that spirit, it’s time to introduce you to the latest in the world of teething. There are a TON of new and ingeniously simple (why didn’t I think of that?!) ideas that are on the market now that are sure to keep your baby happy, your home quiet, and your mind peaceful!  
- These BPA, phthalate-free, water-resistant teething mitts are a “handy” solution for your baby while safeguarding their little hands from irritation due to chewing. Finally, a product that solves the age-old problem of little hands constantly being in their mouths! The mitt makes a fun crinkle noise and comes in a black and white or bright color pattern that will keep your baby entertained and your hands free! Other functions include:
                        - A textured flexible silicone surface that provides soothing teething relief
                        - Easy hand-to-mouth access for baby
                        - Secure adjustable strap
                        - Protects baby’s hands from excessive saliva and chewing
                        - Interchangeable-can be worn on either hand
Thank you so much again for joining us on our new journey and we promise to do our best to guide you on your new one as well.
Munch Mitts